To provide the support, resources, tools, and platform needed for purpose-driven entrepreneurs to launch and grow their businesses to new heights.


To use our gifts to benefit the collective, raise the vibration of the planet, and help the earth thrive in harmony with humans.


To provide the platform, tools, and resources needed to support ascending souls start their purpose-driven business that will help others and the planet.


To create an extensive network of ascended entrepreneurs who are restoring the balance of masculine and feminine energy and raising the collective consciousness.

About Allen

I’m a badass techy guy fulfilling my purpose through selfless action

If you’re looking to launch or grow a business with a purpose beyond just profits, I’m here for it and can help. For the record, I believe profit is a good thing but only when it’s not the sole motivator. Even most non-profits make a profit. It’s all in how you use it- and I firmly believe profits should be used to create balance between helping other people, investing in your business, and providing yourself and others the utmost joy.

Let me help you invest in your business so you can make the profits you need to help the others and find joy in all that you do.

In time, I hope to convert Starseed Startups to a non-profit. Each client that hires me, gets me a little closer to my vision. Thanks for being here with me.