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You’re an artist. You spread joy to your couples and provide memories they’ll cherish forever. But, you’re also a small business owner who’s doing 17 other things every day- many of which are stealing your joy and burning you out. Your most valuable assets are your time and your energy.

The thought of adding responsibilities like SEO and Web Design and spending even more of your limited time may seem overwhelming. So, many photographers avoid it and hope to one day raise their prices after they grow from referrals or maybe Instagram. And if they do take it on, they spend weeks or months missing on out what brings them joy- only to find they still need help.

The reality is without an effective Google strategy and website designed for conversions and proper tracking, you’re at the mercy of FB, IG, and Tik Tok. You deserve another revenue stream.. a reliable one. The folks sitting above you in the rankings aren’t there because they are better than you- most are there because they have someone doing their site design and Search Engine Optimization.

Let me help you launch, relaunch, or grow your photography business and navigate all the possibilities wisely, efficiently, and effectively. You deserve the extra leads, extra revenue, ability to raise your prices, and to work less on stuff you don’t want to do- so you can have time off to do what brings you joy.

Get help with everything from filing for an EIN, building a site, to getting found on Google organically. I also offer consulting, site maintenance, site speed-ups, technical support, ads management and more!


To provide the support, resources, tools, and platform needed for purpose-driven entrepreneurs to launch and grow their businesses to new heights.

About Allen

I’m a badass techy guy fulfilling my purpose through selfless action

I’m an SEO and Web Design professional with a background in sales and marketing. I’ve also been a professional elopement photographer for six years. I’m uniquely suited to help photographers and currently work behind the scenes for some of the most talented folks (including a Rangefinder Magazine “Rising Stars of 2020” winner).

If you’re looking to launch or grow a business with a purpose beyond just profits, I’m here for it and can help. For the record, I believe profit is a good thing but only when it’s not the sole motivator. Even most non-profits make a profit. It’s all in how you use it- and I firmly believe profits should be used to create balance between helping other people, investing in your business, and providing yourself and others the utmost joy.

In time, I hope to convert Starseed Startups to a non-profit. Each client that hires me, gets me a little closer to my vision. Thanks for being here with me.


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Search Engine Setup & Optimization – 1170
SEO Reports & Analysis – 79/mo
Google My Business – 180
SEO Audit – 45 *FREE*

Website Build & Launch (5 pages) – 1800
Website Build & Launch (1 page) – 900
WordPress Site Maintenance – 75/mo
Site Speed Optimization – 180 + 9/mo

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Business Consulting, SEO & Retainers, Web Design, Coding, Technical Support, Site Speed Ups, Ad Management, and More!


Discounted Rates Apply To Retainers based on total hours

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