Fulfill Your Purpose. Launch Your Startup.


To provide the support, resources, tools, and platform needed for purpose-driven entrepreneurs to launch and grow their businesses to new heights.


Our Purpose

To use our gifts to benefit the collective, raise the vibration of the planet, and help the earth thrive in harmony with humans.


My Mission

To provide the platform, tools, and resources needed to support high-vibing entrepreneurs start their purpose-driven business that will help others and the planet.


My Vision

To create an extensive network of ascended entrepreneurs who are restoring the balance of masculine and feminine energy and raising the collective consciousness.

Spend More Time Doing What You Love

get help getting your startup off the ground.

You have a great idea. a purpose to fulfill. And a limited amount of time and energy.

Instead of spending weeks or months of energy spinning your wheels- Take the wormhole to success.

Let me help you launch or relaunch your small business and navigate all the possibilities wisely, efficiently, and effectively.

Get help with everything from filing for an EIN, building a site, to getting found on Google organically.

I also offer consulting, site maintenance, site speed ups, technical support, ads management and more!